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"Dreamcatchers" © Stephanie Pui-Mun Law Shadowscapes.com

This site is about dreams and everything dreamlike. Enchanting, weird, whimsical, maybe even a bit corny, but most of all beautiful in one way or another. Things I like. The kind of things you want to share with others.

When you are browsing through the vastness that is the world wide web, you are usually in quite a hurry, quickly scanning for tidbits of information that may interest you. Slow down! Relax . . . There. What you will find on this site needs to be appreciated calmly and with an open mind. At least that’s what I’d like to think. Still, do yourself a favor and take your time. If you really like some things you find here for their dreamlike quality, chances are you may like the others too.

Mini FAQ

1. Why is this site so pink?
– It’s not pink, it’s purple. Dreams are purple, so there. I would have loved to have a more neutral blend of blueish, purple and pinkish colors, but still, I like the butterfly theme a lot! And it was free.

2. What is your goal with this site?
– My ultimate goal is to induce alpha waves in your brain. . . Hehehe, I’m kidding of course, but hey, if you like it I’m happy!

3. Why is your site updated so rarely?
– Even though I use a blog system, I wouldn’t consider likedreams.net to be a blog as such, but rather a collection of timeless little wonders. Dig around, maybe you’ll still find things you haven’t seen before.

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