Divine Divinity ~ Forest Flute

Divinity Forest

Scene from the intro of Divinity

Divine Divinity (don’t mind the name) is a very atmospheric traditional RPG in the style of Ultima VII, with a combat system resembling Diablo. The music of this game is unforgettably beautiful, rich, diverse and always with a slight melancholic undertone, telling tales of long forgotten kingdoms and a distant past.

A Wind of Aleroth is a song that is played in the light, peaceful woods. There’s only one instrument in it: a flute so pure it makes your heart weep. Very deep, very melodic, making you feel tranquil, lonely amongst tall trees. Simply wonderful.

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The entire soundtrack contains no less than 44 tracks ~

The composer, Kirill Pokrovsky, has his own website and is offering the full Divinity Sountrack for download (scroll down a bit on the right side).

My favorites:

11. The Song of the Wind
12. Sighs of the Elvenkind
20. A Wind of Aleroth
21. Stones and Trees
26. Just in Time for an Ale
38. A Perilous Path
41. Conclusion of a Destiny

Happy listening!

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