So Close and Yet So Far Away


A scene from ZoomQuilt.

Getting closer, are you? But are you really?

Like in dreams, you can keep going forward and never quite reach a destination, because there is always more ahead, something new that you haven’t seen before.

These are some examples of zooming in and out, larger than life in a way.

The first is called ZoomQuilt, a collaborative art project which lets you zoom through a bizarre dream world that constantly shifts seamlessly to something different.


The second one lets you get an impressive glimpse at our universe ~ the intro from the movie Contact.


The third is a an animation called Blue Oyster Fractal Twist, showing the infinite detail inherent in fractals.

Inspired by Blue Oyster Spiral Fractal Zoom by Dave Kliman.

Planets and Stars

Last but not least, here’s something that’s not really zooming, but is nonetheless mind blowing, showing how small we really are, relatively speaking.

Found on transbuddha. Music from the song “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service.

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