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Realms of Arkania - Blade of Destiny - A Traveller's Guide

Blade of Destiny – Traveller’s Guide V1.05 Download Guide (zip, 356k)

Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny – A Traveller’s Guide

A Traveller’s Guide is like a handbook. This guide is a small compendium of what you can find in Blade of Destiny, a list that I made after several adventurous souls in the old and long perished LMK forum made lists of temples, among others, and asked for the location of certain items.
In it you will find a map of the game that shows locations of dungeons, lists of magical and normal special items, deities and their miracles, NPCs, shops and the amount of wares they offer, and last but not least a thorough record of all fifty-two towns you can visit.

View guide: With Frames / Without Frames

Das Schwarze Auge - Schicksalsklinge - Ein Reiseführer

Schicksalsklinge – Reiseführer 1.07 Reiseführer downloaden (zip, 629k)

Das Schwarze Auge: Schicksalsklinge – Ein Reiseführer

(This is essentially the same thing as the one above, just in German and a newer version.)

Ein Reiseführer ist eine Art Handbuch. Dieses Handbuch ist ein kleines Kompendium von Dingen und Orten, die man in Schicksalsklinge finden kann, eine Liste die ich angefertigt habe, nachdem einige Abenteuerer im alten und schon vor langer Zeit zu Grunde gegangenen LMK-Forum u.a. alle Tempel aufgelistet hatten, und nach den Fundorten von speziellen Items fragten.
Im Reiseführer befindet sich eine Karte des Spiels, auf der die Orte von Dungeons verzeichnet sind, Listen von magischen und nichtmagischen, speziellen Gegenständen, Gottheiten und ihre Wunder, Geschäfte und ihr Warenangebot, und ein detailiertes Verzeichnis aller zweiundfünfzig Städte, die man besuchen kann.

Reiseführer öffnen: Mit Frames / Ohne Frames

Weiterer Links: Kunars Reiseführer für Sternenschweif und weiteren tiefgreifenden Informationen zu Schicksalsklinge.

Blade of Destiny Classes

Realms of Arkania – Blade of Destiny
Download midis | Download xmi’s
Listen to sample: Temple Theme

Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny – Midi Archive

These are some of the midi files from the first part of the Realms of Arkania trilogy, Blade of Destiny. The game had some very catchy tunes which were even better when the CD version was released. My favorite is the temple theme, especially from 1:12 onwards. Rhythmic and melodious.
If you’ve never played the game, too bad, it’s probably too late now. Unless you like classics and can start them on modern machines… The Realms of Arkania games won’t run under w2k/winXP, however.. Anyway, the music is still cool. ^.^

The songs were composed & arranged by Rudolf Stember and you can find the soundtrack on his homepage. There are even mp3’s available!

Star Trail

Realms of Arkania – Star Trail
Download midis
Listen to sample: Status Theme

Realms of Arkania: Star Trail – Midi Archive

Star Trail is the second part of the Northland Trilogy, and also the most popular. The songs are not as merry as those from the first part, but still catchy and slightly more ambient. And there are quite a lot more tracks, overall thirty-eight, my favorite being the Diary theme, because of the rhythmics and flowing melody. Unfortunately it doesn’t come across that well in the midi..
There are two CD versions of Star Trail: The original is on two CDs, but there’s also a one-CD version, which features less songs, which is a real pity…

The soundtrack was composed by Guy Henkel and Horst Weidle. I don’t know if they have a homepage, if you find them please let me know.

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