Zanzarah ~ Title Theme

You take the role of Amy, who is pulled into Zanzarah, a magical world full of elves, goblins, dwarves and fairies. A paradise. But the world is threatening to plunge into chaos, fairies have even started to fight amongst themselves… It falls into your hands to find out what’s wrong there and how to help. You are not alone, though. On your journey you find friendly fairies who can help you fight against Chaos.

This game is soooo cute. Magical, lighthearted, wondrous and whimsical are some words I’d use to describe it. The title theme is one of my all-time favorite songs, perfectly setting the mood for what’s up ahead.

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Here are the lyrics to this song as well as the full soundtrack.

Zanzarah Title Theme – Lyrics

At last
You found your way
To the realms of my world
Through timeless dreams
And visions
You always wish to pursue

Worlds may change
And roads may end
Shapes may shift and colors blend
But here on this side of the earth
Time’s forever still

Come with me
This world is yours to believe
Succumb to the realm of magic and myth
Into the unknown

You’ve come for a reason
Of which you may not know
Until the riddles are solved
And puzzles are pieced together

Oh, deep inside you
A wild flower grows
It knows what you seek

Come with me
Where mountains have ears
And waters have eyes
Where earth is floating
In a clear blue sky

Come with me

This song was performed by Kariina Gretere.
The full Zanzarah soundtrack is freely available for download.

13 thoughts on “Zanzarah ~ Title Theme”

  1. Oh my goodness!! i have been searching for this song for weeks! thank goodness you posted this site, i was almost about to give up 🙂
    thanks a million

  2. wow!!! i love this song! there’s something about this song that i like-ALOT!!!When are you getting more??

  3. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! *_* I know that this won’t happen, but I wish that they do another ZanZarah…just think about it!!! *_*

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