On our way from Skelellen to Phexcaer a woolly rhinoceros wanted to stamp us down. "No way!", we thought, and stamped it down by ourselves. Then we had enough food for several weeks (about 200 rations).
    In Thorwal, on a beautiful market day in autumn, we happened to watch a match in the Ioman Grounds. There Snakekillers Olport played against Glory of Nostria. After a match lasting three hours, Snakekillers Olport won 19 to 13.
    In Upper Orcam there is a kind of family business run by the Grufalms (chandler, weapon store, blacksmith). One of the actually largest assortment of weapons and commodities we ever happened to see. We really had to calm ourselves down for not spending all our ducats, because despite the large assortment, the prices were quite salted.
    We shuttled a few times between the Ingerimm temples in Felsteyn and Upper Orcam and prayed there. Thanks to Ingerimm's goodness (and a few donations on our parts), all our weapons soon became magic weapons.
    During a ship journey between Prem and Thorwal we encountered a giant krakennewt which tried to drown us. We made mincemeat of it.
    At the west coast there are only the pits. eg in Aryn lives the worst chandler in all of Arkania: He merely sells five different commodities! In Treban and Rovik the local inns aren't even able to afford names for themselves!
    The Orc Skull tavern exists exactly two times: Once in Skelellen and once in Vilnhome... And a namesake of Hjore Ahrensson from Ottarje works in Manrin as chandler.
    On our way from Ottarje to Orvil we found a corpse in a wolf's lair, which carried a debt book. In it, we read the name Hjore Ahrensson from Ottarje. Later on, when we asked him about that, he allegedly didn't know what we were talking about. Soon after, he died. How strange...
    The way along Rovik's Fjord is only something for brave people. Behind a steep cliff, that we had to scramble along, we had to pass a suspension bridge, which was 300 paces long at a height of 150 paces above the water!
    On our way from Orvil to Ala we met a man on a ... horse! Wow! Afterwards, we went shooting some steppe dogs of which we discovered a trail near a small stream. But then more than a dozen of these doggies attacked us. "Doggies" mind you, because those poor animals were died because of just a single shot.
    Tyldon is probably the strangest village we ever visited on our journeys. The houses are scattered in a totally chaotic way "side by side", and in this village there work funny journeymen like Grima Rordiksdottir and Kaelaan Lurjaan. At least they have quite a good supply. The local inn is called "Grand Old Inn" - there you can get food, which would've been run away from us, if we hadn't forked it before. The tavern is called "Tree Goes There!"... They are crazy, those Tyldonians.
    Between Clanegh and Orkanger, near a small stream, we found the trail of a dragon! Since we had only a few rations anyway, we decided to hunt down this dragon. But what did we discover when we followed the trail up to a cave? The alleged dragon was merely a stinking wyvern. And it smelled so revolting that we'd better turn back and look for normal kind of food...
    We searched long for him, but we could never find him, this merchant Treborn Kollberg with his colorful caravan. Instead, we met a certain Olvir Gundridsson, a Bard who liked to listen to his own songs. He sang for several hours about the Hetman and Hyggelik to us - and later we didn't even remember what his songs actually were all about. A Unicorn, which we met on our way from Upper Orcam to Hermit's Lake and which wanted to get us a part of the map, didn't return to us either.

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