-=Realms of Arkania=-

Blade of Destiny

A Traveller's Guide

Issue 1.05

featuring the six elves Arhu, Rhiow, Saash, Urruah, Irh and Aaurh
written by Arhu

Thanks to all LMK forum members


Travelling Routes between towns
Dungeons Where are they? What is their name? What is in there?
Magic Things Magic amulets, weapons etc.
Medley Various things (not magical)
Map Pieces Where are they? Hyggelik's friends and relatives
NPC's Which non player characters exist and where are they?
Where's What Where are temples, shops, blacksmiths, healers?
Miracles Which miracles can the deities perform?
Towns All towns in detail
Curiosities Encounters and experiences during our journey

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