-= NPC's =-

  Name Character Location
Ardora Ardora of Gryphon's
She-Warrior, Level 7 Ship of Death; later in
Tavern Four Winds in Thorwal
Curian Curian Magician, Level 9 Tavern Alrik's in Overthorn
Erwo Erwo of Gollbrinck Rogue, Level 4 Tavern Down the Hatch in Manrin
Garsvik Garsvik Thorfinsson Thorwalian, Level 5 Tavern Sperm Whale in Prem
Harika Harika She-Rogue, Level 7 Tavern Snapper in Phexcaer
Nariell Nariell Huntress, Level 6 Tavern Oxhoft in Clanegh

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