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show large map (760x570, 128kb)
Route Encounters
Ala-Thoss Partly collapsed shack: Vomic recipe
Ala-Tjanset Partly collapsed shack
Auplog-Varnhome Broken suspension bridge
Breida-Peilinen Inn Old-Nostria
Brendhil-Manrin Mountain hut, dungeon: A Pirates' Cave
Clanegh-Orkanger A wyvern (near a stream)
Daspota-Ottarje Dungeon: A Tumbledown Inn; cutter (Ronja Avelljasdotter)
Daspota-Rybon Adventuress tells of the Daspota Treasure
Hermit's-Hermit's. Swamp; a small shrine (Eye of Darkness)
Hermit's-Felsteyn Old woman (Janda)
Hermit's-Upper Orcam 4 orcs and 1 ogre; flying wyvern;
unicorn (gets missing map piece)
Hermit's-Phexcaer Gryphon's Meadow; 8 orcs (amulet)
Felsteyn-Upper Orcam Monolith (orcish idol)
Felsteyn-Orkanger Corpse (unicorn document); brigands (2x); dungeon: cave; robbers
Kord-Prem Inn Eagle Rock
Kravik-Nordvest Rafters need help
Kravik-Skelellen Path to the Peilinen-Rovamund road
Nordvest-Rovamund Corpse: magical amulet (blue); inn At the Ingval
Orvil-Ottarje Mountain hut; Dungeon: A Wolf's Lair; after request of Umbrik Sevenstones: Gorah (druid) - ring; rune bone; Expurgic recipe
Orvil-Rovik Hjore, the shepherd (his sheep are attacked by wolves)
Ottarje-Skjal Dungeon: Cave of the Spiders; fallen tree
Peilinen-Rovamund Path to the Kravik-Skelellen road
Phexcaer-Skelellen Dungeon: A Cave; Temple of Firun; swamp; Olimone: recipe for heal. potion;
Dungeon: A Ruined Castle, if you've got enough map pieces
Phexcaer-Vilnhome An adventurer; Dungeon: A Ruined Castle, if you've got enough map pieces
Prem-Skjal Inn Longship
Runin Lighthouse -
Dungeon: A Cave
Vaermhag-Varnheim Inn Gulf View (good food)
Rybon-Thoss 4 Harpies; Dungeon: Ruins (after request of Yasma T. from Thoss); Dungeon: A Cave (after Adventuress, see above)

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