-=Magic Things=-

Object Attributes Location
Amulet Wearer is resistant against hunger and thirst Ottarje-Orvil (Wolf's Lair)
Amulet (blue) Has Fire's Bane on it Ship of Death
Amulet (blue) Is charged with the Fiat Lux spell (6 times) Ship of Death
Amulett (blue) Wards off Ignifaxius Nordvest-Rovam. (corpse)
Amulet (Pentagr) Protection against transf./combat spells (MR +5) Hermit's-Phexcaer (8 Orks)
Amulett (Pentagr) Protection from transf./combat spells (MR +5) Thoss-Rybon (Ruins)
Bastard sword "excellent" weapon (AT -1, PA -1) Daspota (guard house NE)
Book Heptagon +2 Ottarje-Skjal (spiders)
Chainmail shirt AR+3 against undeads, -1 LP / round Runin L.-Runinsh. (Cave)
Chainmail shirt is concerned with the essence of weight
(RS +1; AT+1)
Rybon-Thoss (D.-Treasure)
Crystal ball Danger sense +2 everywhere, eg. merchants
Girdle of Might ST +5 Runin L.-Runinsh. (Cave)
Short sword Improves its owner's attack ability (AT +2);
Daspota (Tattooist's N)
Ork hook Requires a true professional's hand
(AT -1, PA -5, TP +5); unbreakable
Daspota (guard house NE)
Ring (green) Protects from magical fire Runin L.-Runinsh. (Cave)
Ring (red) Permanent Arcano Psychostabilis (MR +2) Orvil-Ottarje (Gorah)
Sabre Useful against the undead; MP 0 Random fight
Coronet Permanent Arcano Psychostabilis (MR +2) Ljasdahl-Ljasd. (Vault)
2 coronets (silver) Magic armor-spell (AR +2; 3 spells) Ottarje-Skjal (Spiders)
Sword Useful against the undead Runin L.-Runinsh. (Cave)
Sword Grimring AT+2, PA+2 Phexc.-Skel./Phexc.-Vilnh.
with enough map pieces
Sickle Herb lore +3 Daspota (Tattooist's N)
Silver jewelry Protects against undead Daspota-Ottarje (inn)
along with silver mace
Spear Has power over arachnids Ottarje-Skjal (Spiders)
Obsidian dagger Just magical somewhere...
Throwing dagger It's easier to hit distant targets Runin L.-Runinsh. (Cave)
Two-handed Sword unbreakable Phexcaer-Skelellen (Cave)

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