Object Attributes Location
Bane Dust Poison (robs astral energy) Daspota (guard house NE)
Book Sayings of emperor Hal Rybon-Thoss (D. treasure)
Golden shield Can be worn by magicians Ljasdahl-Ljasd. (vault)
Unicorn document To find the unicorn again (?) Felsteyn-Orkanger (corpse)
Intr. Hetman Needed to get map piece of Jurge T. (Skjal) Thorwal
Orcish document Orcish battle plan - when/where the orcs attack Phexcaer-Skelellen
2 amulets of Praios and 6 robes: helpful in the cave of the spiders Ottarje-Skjal (spiders)
Recipe for a potent healing potion Phexcaer-Skelellen
Recipe for Expurgic Orvil-Ottarje (Gorah)
Recipe for Hylailic Fire Brendhil-Manrin (cave)
Recipe for Vomic Ala-Thoss (shack)
Recipes for elixir of strength (2x), Vomic (2x), potent
magic potion (2x), Expurgic, Hylailic Fire
Daspota-Ottarje (inn)
Red moon disc helps during the final fight Phexcaer-Skelellen (cave)
Black figurine for Eliane Windenbek in Varnhome (map piece) Ljasdahl-Ljasd. (vault)
Sea chart of an unknown area Brendhil-Manrin (cave)
Silver helmet can be worn by magicians Ottarje-Orvil (wolf's cave)
Silver mace Useful against the undead Daspota-Ottarje (inn)

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