Bob Ross ~ The Joy of Painting

Bob Ross

Bob Ross

Bob Ross was the host of a television show called “The Joy of Painting” in which he instructed viewers in the art of oil painting. During the course of a show, which was half an hour, he would paint an entire landscape full of “happy little trees” and “pretty little mountains”.

He had a very optimistic attitude towards life which shows throughout each episode. His voice is so soothing that listening to it is like having a bubble bath before going to bed and dozing off, giving you that hypnotizing, warm tingly sensation inside.

Here’s a small clip that shows him painting. Relax, watch and listen…

Feel like you want to learn painting now? Head over to Bob Ross Inc., they are offering some free lessons using Bob’s technique.

3 thoughts on “Bob Ross ~ The Joy of Painting”

  1. Looks like it didn’t last. It’s such a shame Bob Ross Inc is so … adamant about not allowing full episodes online. Not even one.

    The show is usually running a lot on various free TV stations though; that’s something at least.

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